latin amercia

Some Interesting Things about Latin America?

Latin America is the word know to describe the group of countries come in it. Those 21 countries are known with this particular name because of the Latin language spoken there. This is not only famous for the Latin language but also the growing of political and economic force. This region deserves to be defined […]

Some must see places in the Arab world

The Arab world is filled with great cities to visit for the tourists. A huge number of the tourists visit cities of the this region each year. These cities are filled with the enormous buildings and the monuments and provide facilitation for tourists as well as locals of the area. The region contains few most […]

digital media

Why have underdeveloped countries fewer media literacy?

Media literacy is important for people of each country specially digital media. It determines development level of the country. Developed countries have more literacy level. On the other hand, underdeveloped countries have low literacy level due to some factors. People should be literate to understand the message of social media network. They can raise their […]

What is Non-governmental organisation

Non-governmental organisations are not affiliated with any government or private company. There are also called the charitable organisation, non-profit organisation and volunteer organisations, that are independent of government. Non-governmental organisations provide social services, help and raise the voices of people who are in need. These can be organized on the national, international and local level. […]