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Instagram Followers Are Growing Everyday Worldwide

Before Facebook paid a billion dollar for the largest photo sharing app to be launched and facilitate its users. Kevin systrom who is the co-founder of Instagram held a conference in Beijing. Now it comes to surface later that systrom said that instagram at that time was already getting a hundred thousand likes and downloads per weeks.

This was really a mind blowing think to beholders as we all are better aware of the fact that china is the place where social networking sites are not welcomed easily especially that flooding in from abroad. Most probably this success is because of the fact that instagram is developed with a Chinese language version. It is also working with the country’s most popular micro blogging site.

This cooperation allows users to post photos in their feeds. This site is particularly famous for cityscapes, architectural pictures, and water and bridge scenes in classical Chinese art. Chinese government considers social-networking sites as a great danger. Instagram is struggling to become a successful social media site in china by allowing people to share photos with the tag of its particular location.

Instagram real followersIt helps people to unite at a platform where they can interact, having what they have in common. According to systrom it’s the Facebook-level engagement. So it’s the best way for the people to communicate with each other and it will remain the best way for the people to stay in touch with each other as long as Facebook remains blocked in china. Facebook being the biggest social media site all over the world is blocked in china. But this must not be confused with banned as no criminal offence is being applied to those using it.

Still censorship problems are a lot more hurdle in china for the foreign sites to work and take it an easy going. The Chinese government controls internet content and restricts deletes or bans the content that it thought is not in the interest of the state. Systrom says that it is a challenge to work well overseas, because you just have to play by different rules, and to play by those rules is the company’s desire not yours own whether you like it or not. To understand all those rules and policies is the other hurdle as well. Large number of people is using china VPN services. Networking pioneers have launched this way to keep users safe from snooping of the Great Firewall of China.

In this way it allows its users to share pictures with their loved ones o instagram in China without using the phrase “occupy central”. So now instagram followers in china are increasing day by day using VPN services. Still there are some VPN services that are not of worth in china only a few of them are currently operational. People in china mostly are using premium instagram VPN. As premium instagram VPN is gaining more and more popularity so is the increase in instagram followers in China.