latin amercia

Some Interesting Things about Latin America?

Latin America is the word know to describe the group of countries come in it. Those 21 countries are known with this particular name because of the Latin language spoken there. This is not only famous for the Latin language but also the growing of political and economic force. This region deserves to be defined for its own good things and qualities. This is not only the neighbor of the USA but also known as its varied landscapes, people and culture. These are some important events has held in the history which are also the reason of its fame.

Some Important Events in the History of Latin America:

Latin America is always shaped by the events, people and the leaders. There are the basic things happened here in which mostly wars, conquests rebellions, crackdown and massacres. So here some important events have to be shared which are internationally known:

  1. Papal Bull Inter Caetera and the Treaty of Tordesillas in (1493-1494):

This is all about the war between the Christopher Columbus and the Pope Alexander VI. It was about the distribution of the lands in between Spain and Portugal.

  1. The Conquest of the Aztec and Inca Empires in (1519-1533):

After the disseverment of the new land Spain realized that it was an incredibility source which is not the most important to rule over. Only two things were stood over their way to move on which were Empires of the Aztecs in Maxico and the Incas in Peru who would have to be defeated by them. So Spain wanted to organize the Spanish rule for centuries.

  1. Operation Condor in (1975-1983):

In the mid of the 1970s the governments of the South America (Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Paraguay, Bolivia and Uruguay) had many things and action in common and they were ruling in conservative mod. They therefore established operation condor to kill or silence their enemies. In this operation many of them got died and many became missed and the trust of the South Americans on their concerning leaders got shattered so that there are many questions still arise on that Operation.

The Culture of those 21 Countries:

The culture in Latin countries is the formal and informal expression of their people. In this high culture includes high art and literature and the popular culture includes music dance and folk culture are involved. They also focus on their religious and other customary practices. Most of the cultures which adopted there are Spanish, French and Portuguese. They have many influences regarding their cultures which are:

  • Pre Columbus Culture
  • European Colonial Culture
  • The Culture of Africa
  • And the Culture and trend introduced by the Chinese, Indian, Japanese and Filipino.

In these all cultures the common things food, art and cultural trades.

By summing up all the important things of Latin America we can say that the name itself has the meaning and specification of the state. The state of 21 countries has the different people with the same languages and cultures. It has some interesting historic events regarding wars and the operations in the state to know about.