Some must see places in the Arab world

The Arab world is filled with great cities to visit for the tourists. A huge number of the tourists visit cities of the this region each year. These cities are filled with the enormous buildings and the monuments and provide facilitation for tourists as well as locals of the area. The region contains few most visited places across the globe such as Dubai, Abu Dhabi and the Mecca. Some must see places in the area include:

  • Dubai, United Arab Emirates

It is the famous and most visited place in the Middle East. It consists of the several famous traveling sites. One of the famous sites is the Dubai Mall. Dubai mall contains almost 1200 shops for the shopping lovers. Visitors consider it essential to visit the Dubai Mall when they travel to the Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. The famous tower in the Dubai is the Burj Khalifa which is attracts a large number of people.  11 million visitors were recorded who visited Dubai during 2015. It is considered the most interesting place with the diversified people.

  • Dahab, Egypt

It is the filled with the most beautiful and attractive sites. Many restaurants, beaches, bars, and hotels are located in the Dahab which provide comfort to the travelers. It is an amazing travel destination for the travelers.

  • Luxor, Egypt

It is the famous place in the Egypt due to the ancient temples present there. It is an amazing place which represents the culture of the Arab. Valley of kings is found in the area. It is an amazing travel destination for the travelers. The chambers of the place are open for the public to let them take a glimpse of the history of the place.

  • Jerusalem, Israel

It is the city with 3000 old year’s history. It is cultural and spiritual site which promotes Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. Ancient and modern sites are the famous and attractive for the travelers. It is popular due to its spiritual values.

  • Ma’an, Jordan

Ma’an is the famous place of the Jordan. It is filled with the several beautiful architectural buildings. Petra is the famous and ancient city located in the Ma’an. It is among the most attractive site that you will get to see in the world. History of the Ma’an is unique in its geography. It is the city was found by cutting the rock on the mountains. This stonework is famous and is the main cause of the attraction for the travelers of other countries. It consists of the temples, houses and the other common architectural sites.

  • Fez, Morocco

It is the ancient city of the Morocco. It is the heritage site of the UNESCO. It consists of the ancient building containing the houses, temples and traveling sites. It is one of the most popular city to travel in the Arab world.