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Why have underdeveloped countries fewer media literacy?

Media literacy is important for people of each country specially digital media. It determines development level of the country. Developed countries have more literacy level. On the other hand, underdeveloped countries have low literacy level due to some factors. People should be literate to understand the message of social media network. They can raise their standard of life by being media literate.

What is media literacy?

It is an ability of people to access, create, interpret and analyze media. It is a level of which you understand what you are conveyed by social media. In our daily life, social media has a large stake. We have to face some challenges and problems due to social media. Also, it provides various benefits. These benefits, challenges, and problems are communicated by messages of social media. Literacy of media helps us to understand and interpret messages correctly. Media literate people including youth and adults can better understand complex messages conveyed by television, radio, newspaper, internet, magazines and other forms of media.

Importance of media literacy

Literacy of media is important for people to live their life in this modern world. Every person has to deal with social media in any way. He has to use social media either for business or personal purpose. Social media is used to enhance social gathering and marketing of products and services. Also, daily activities are supported by social media channels. These social media channels include Facebook, integral and Twitter. Moreover, other forms of social media are also found such as television and radio which are used in daily life. To perform all activities on social media, you must have knowledge of how you have to use it.

Media literacy in undeveloped countries

Fewer people in underdeveloped countries are media literate. It is because of the lower level of education in these countries. One of every four persons in developing countries is illiterate. They cannot read a sentence and unable to understand things. Due to this lower education level of children, they do not have media literacy. They cannot analyze and understand message conveyed by social media channels. One major reason behind lower education level is the poor quality of education. Teachers are not available in schools to teach children. Less number of schools are located in underdeveloped countries. Moreover, people of such countries do not recognize the importance of education.

Awareness of people

People in underdeveloped countries need to recognize the importance of education. For the purpose of awareness of people, several steps are needed to take by government and individuals in society. The government should establish programs for families. They need to recognize the importance of education so that they prefer to educate their children. If there is a growth in the education level of children, then it will promote literacy. People will get aware of how they have to analyze message conveyed by social media. They will able to differentiate between right and wrong messages conveyed by social media networks.

So, underdeveloped countries have fewer media literacy due to various factors such as lower education level, less growth in educational institutions and financial problems of people. These factors need to overcome to enhance literacy level.